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Installation Of Officers 2019

Newly Elected and Appointed officers were installed on Sunday, January 13 2019 at the Kalurah Shrine Center.  Welcome to our newly installed Potentate, Illustrious Sir Mark Loughran.  Joining him on the Elected  officers are Nobles: Noble David Hantsch, Chief Rabban,, Assistant Rabban,Noble Andrew Roberts, High Priest & Prophet, Noble Tom Whitney, Oriental Guide,Noble Rob  Schoonmaker, Treasurer, Ill. Gerald Putman, Recorder, Scott Kinne, Trustee, Ill. Gene Abbey 2018, Noble, Robert N. Rodgers 2019,Ill. Eric Putman 2020.

Also installed were the following: 1st Ceremonial Master Shawn McMahon, 2nd Ceremonial Master Andrew Stoll, Director Gene Graves,Marshall Joe Peters, Captain of the Guard  Scott Schwartz, Outer Guard Ed Hickey, Chaplain Rev Adam Demetros

Installed all new positions appointment are Director of Communications Ill. Gerald Putman (Kamel),Communications Committee, Noble John Darrow (PR), Communications Committee, Noble Ric Thomas (Website/Web-Ster).

Also, Installed were the Potentates  Advisors: Ill. Derald Putman, Ill. David Karre, Ill. Scott Kinne.


The Potentates Personal Aides: Noble Jack Coughlin , Noble Ric Thomas, Noble Tim Szczesnhy.

Trustee's Ill. David Karre, Ill. Robert Rodgers, Ill.Eric Putman

First Lady's Advisor's Barbara Zidimal, MaryAnn Kinne, Joanne Brenchley, Diana Spencer.


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