Illustrious Mark Loughran &
First Lady Sara Loughran

Noble Dave Hantsch

Chief Rabban

In this, my 16th year of being a Shriner, I humbly appreciate the confidence you all have in me to have elected me to be your Chief Rabban. Being a fifth generation Mason, travelling the world meeting Brethren, and finding out you have friends all around the world that you have never met before. I have enjoyed every moment of my Masonic life.My participation in the parades, driving the mini-cars, driving patients to our hospitals and seeing the enjoyment on their faces has made it all worthwhile. Looking forward to an interesting year as we start the next chapter for our Shrine.

Noble Andrew Roberrts

Assistant. Rabban

I am tremendously thankful for the trust and confidence that has been given to me by the nobility of Kalurah. Together, we will see our temple through its transition and usher in a new age for our Shrine. As always, we are open to new ideas to best serve our shrine, best serve our community, and best serve our hospitals.

Noble Thomas Whitney

High Priest and Prophet

Last year was a busy and trying year for our Shrine.  We have had to make several hard decisions and well we pushed thru and had us a fun time doing so!  This year we will continue the push forward and blossom!  I have no doubts the fun we are going to have thru the transition. After all having fun and helping children that is what we do!  If anyone needs support or has items for review I am a call away!

Noble Rob Schoomaker

Oriental Guide

During this time of transition, I am reminded of a quote by Walt Disney.

“Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

Let’s “Keep moving forward” down this new path into a new year and make new memories and traditions.

Also, to quote the 11th Doctor(Matt Smith), “Fezzes are cool”.


Ill. Gerald E. Putman



Ill. Scott G. Kinne




Robert N. Rogers


Ill. Gerald "Gene" Abbey


Ill. Eric Putman


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