Pote's Notes

Pote’s Notes,

November, 2019                                                                                             


Greetings Fellow Nobles,


          It’s been a while.  I must apologize.  I’ve been busy in aggressive therapy since the loss of my beard….but I think I’m better now.


          We’ve rolled into the 4th Quarter and we still have a lot on our plate.  First, a quick recap.


          Our parade unit continues to kick it and take names.  Thanks to the dedication of some intrepid paraders, drivers, pickup owners, hillbillies and others, we have had a strong presence at a good number of parades in the area.  There are still a few more.  If you can make it to any of them, please come.  You’ll have a great time and I think our insurance can cover just about anything you do (just about).


          On November 9 we again held one of our signature Meat Raffles at the K of C in Binghamton.  Thanks to the hard work of the usual suspects it was another success.  If you’re on the Divan (even if you’re not), and you’ve never been to one of these, your reaction to “Meat Raffle” is probably the same as mine was.  Strange name.  Strange concept.  Not so.  It’s a lot of fun and raises a nice sum of money for us.  Give it a try next time one rolls around.


          On November 16 we returned for the 30th time to the Delaware Valley Shrine Club Auction at the Rainbow Lodge in Walton.  It’s very hard to describe just how much fun and rewarding this event is.  After the first day of deer season, hunters and their families (many have returned numerous times) get together at a great lodge outside of Walton (it’s actually very easy to get to), have a great dinner and bid blindly on gifts we supply.  It’s a great fundraiser for the hospital and our transportation fund but more importantly, it gives you a direct view of exactly how well thought of our brand is.  The feeling you take away from Rainbow Lodge is hard to describe.  Pride in being part of such a great organization.  Awe at the generosity of people you’ve never met before.  PLEASE, if you haven’t gone yet, next year seek out a noble who has been and ask him to describe it to you.  If you go once, you’ll never stop going.


          On Wednesday, December 4 we’re having our Divan meeting.  The location will be announced.  On Saturday, December 7th we’ll be having our annual Shrine Christmas Party.  Please let the Recorder and /or High Priest and Prophet Tom Whitney know how many tickets you need.  And on December 18 we are scheduled to have our last Business Meeting of the year with Election of Officers, details to follow.
As always, it's you, Nobles that make the Shrine what it is.  Thank you for all the hard work and……

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