Delaware Happy Valley Shrine Club

The first day of hunting season and the annual meeting of the Delaware Happy Valley Shrine Club. Twenty nobles and ladies attended this annual event to raise funds for the Shriner's Hospital  for Children . When the Bidding stopped on the donated gifts, A record of $3025 was raised for the Hospital, a record for the event. Was a fun night.

Veterans Day Parade 2018 Endicott, N.Y.

Another Parade... WOW !

2018 Fall Ceremonial. Thanks to the team of Nobles and Directors for a great day. Four new Nobles went thru.

New Fall Ceremonial
Kalurah at Bethel Woods....
Bethel NY Lenard skynard 010.JPG

The evening started out with a happy social hour and, right to a great dinner. Everyone was decked out with sweaters with lights and Christmas designs and colors. After dinner things continued with Gene Graves receiving Shriner Of The Year Award. The evening lasted well into night with fun and Partying.

Feztive Sweater Holiday Party

The "Masonic Family Klambake"was a nice success with 78 folks attending the festivities on a wonderfull day at Mountain Top !

Kalurah Program in PA.

On February 14th Nobles Tom W, Dave H, Ric T and Josh G took a trip to Pennsylvania. We were joined by Illustrious Sir Steve Koonrad from IREM Shrine as well.  The conglomeration of Nobles visited LeRay Lodge #471 for a program requested by the lodge.  Noble Tom Whitney provided a talk upon the fraternal side of Shrine and a brief description of the hospital care that our hospitals provide.  Illustrious Sir Koonrad spoke a bit about Philadelphia Hospital.  Several questions were asked and answered among the brothers and nobles.  IREM and Kalurah offered to visit again if the lodge would like.  The discussions with  the brothers led to some discussions during refreshments and 5 petitions for Shrine were handed out.  The was well received and we will be invited back to visit with our brothers there.

A fun day at St. Johns in Johnson City. The Patriots won.

Superbowel Sunday

What a wonderful Evening of installing all Officers of Kalurah Shrine,from the serious to the Nobles and  First Lady Sara's skit  about the Potentate  being arrested and in court. The evening ended after  great dinner and lots of camraderie with all.  

Installation of Ill. Mark Loughran 2019 


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