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We're Moving!


549 Chenango Street, Binghamton

Our new location will be at Immanuel Presbyterian Church in the City of Binghamton. It is located just north of the Bevier Street Bridge. Parking for 35 vehicles is directly across the street. Another 10-12 spaces are adjacent to the building with room for more.


Below is a (bad) drawing showing the major areas that related to us. The rental areas are located in the basement, down approximately 8 steps from the front door. Access is also possible through the rear, via a chair lift (which needs repair) and another staircase.

The ladies from whom we are going to be renting are very excited to have us on board. They also noted that the issue of alcohol is no problem.


“Dedicated” rooms – rooms that we would have locked for our use only – would be the offices and the store room. and the lodge room. The large room would be available for use by the church and us.

Please hit me with questions.



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kalurah bldg 1.jpg
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