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Hospital News and Updates

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Noble Tom Whitney

     My name is Tom Whitney I currently serve Kalurah as the High Priest and Prophet along with several other roles. 
     One of the most important roles that I serve is that of Hospital Representative. I am an associate member of the Board for the Springfield Shriner's Hospital. 
     Our role there is to aid and assist the hospital and its operating officers in making decisions to benefit our children and the staff. 
     Our goal is premium care for our children and their families. I serve as a member of both the fraternal and hospital sides of the Shriner's organization. 
     If you have any questions or concerns regarding them feel free to connect with me and even if I do not know the answer I will find out and get back to you. 
     If you have interest in learning more about the hospital or wish to see it, contact me as I have no problem bring you along for one of the meetings. Having fun helping Children is what we do!
- Noble Tom Whitney
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