2016 Potentates of NYOSA

2016 Potentates  Ladies (5)

Standing:  Scott Kinne, (Kalurah); Gary Damon, (Tigris); Jo Anna Emerson, Robert Harris, (Oriental); Debbie Faro, Terry Emerson, (Media); Kevin Faro, (Damascus); Kris Sheetz, (Ismailia); John Sargent, (Ziyara); Judy Sargent, John Scott, (Cyprus); Al Berry, (Rameses); Terry Byard, (NYOSA President).
Seated: Jackie Harris, Melissa Damon, MaryAnn Kinne, Jackie Berry, Dolly Byard


A Message from the Potentate- Welcome!

Nobles, Friends, Visitors;


Welcome to the newest edition of the Kalurah Shrine web page.  Think of this for the first couple of weeks as a newborn.  Just opening it’s eyes to the world and developing day-by-day.  With input and comment from you, it will become our home away from home; current and upcoming events, photos of recent event, announcements.  We encourage and look forward to hearing from you so leave a comment.  We’ll be adding content and pages directly from your input.  This is your web site.  Share the link with others, if you’re on Facebook, put up a link to the site.  I’ll be back with an update next week.



Ill Scott Kinne, Potentate