Message from the Potentate. -June 11th.

We’re well into June and before long some of us will be in Tampa attending the Imperial Session.  Kalurah was well represented at the recent Apalachin Field Days parade.  We had five go carts, a motorized bar stool, a motorized lil’ red wagon, the fire truck and van/fez.  For two Nobles, this was their first parade  – and I hear they’ve got the parade bug.  Thanks to all who came out!  The next parade is the Strawberry Fest in Owego.  An email with details will be forthcoming.

Our trip to Springfield Hospital was a success as well.  23 in all made the trip – Nobles and their ladies, Daughters of the Nile and friends.  For many, this was their first time visiting a Shriners Hospital.  It’s rewarding to hear about and see in person the wonderful the facilities and the healing that goes on.  Why be a Shriner.  Just visit Springfield and you’ve got your answer.

Unfortunately the first performance of the Murder Mystery Dinner has been cancelled, but……The show must go on!  The Friday, June 17th dinner and performance will be taking place.  Did you make your reservation?

Till my next note, your Potentate,

2016 Potentates of NYOSA

2016 Potentates  Ladies (5)

Standing:  Scott Kinne, (Kalurah); Gary Damon, (Tigris); Jo Anna Emerson, Robert Harris, (Oriental); Debbie Faro, Terry Emerson, (Media); Kevin Faro, (Damascus); Kris Sheetz, (Ismailia); John Sargent, (Ziyara); Judy Sargent, John Scott, (Cyprus); Al Berry, (Rameses); Terry Byard, (NYOSA President).
Seated: Jackie Harris, Melissa Damon, MaryAnn Kinne, Jackie Berry, Dolly Byard


A Message from the Potentate- Welcome!

Nobles, Friends, Visitors;


Welcome to the newest edition of the Kalurah Shrine web page.  Think of this for the first couple of weeks as a newborn.  Just opening it’s eyes to the world and developing day-by-day.  With input and comment from you, it will become our home away from home; current and upcoming events, photos of recent event, announcements.  We encourage and look forward to hearing from you so leave a comment.  We’ll be adding content and pages directly from your input.  This is your web site.  Share the link with others, if you’re on Facebook, put up a link to the site.  I’ll be back with an update next week.



Ill Scott Kinne, Potentate