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Rainbow Lodge 2019

Such a great time and an immense success. Over $2,200 raised for Shriners Hospitals.

ILL.David Hantsch 2020

From The Potentate:

We are committed to providing the best care for children in our specialty areas of Orthopaedics, Burn Care, Spinal Cord Injury, and Cleft Lip and Palate, regardless of a family’s ability to pay.

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Nobles & Ladies,

Again, please let me extend my thanks for the opportunity you have given me to serve as your Potentate for 2019. While I was cleaning out the shed with some of the other Nobles I slacked off for a few minutes and started thumbing through some of the photos and programs archived there. It struck me that we certainly do stand on the shoulders of giants. The men and women in those old photos who built Kalurah into the benevolent organization – family -that it is speak to us through the years and guide us as we move forward. (We will be digitizing and sharing those photos and keepsakes with you.)

Much of what you see in the coming year will look the same. I’m an attorney – I know a good idea when I steal one and our last Potentate had a lot of great ideas. Pote’s Notes will continue as will work on the website and efforts to continue to improve communications. We’ll still have the Shrine Game Watch Party, the Superbowl Party and as many other parties as we can fit in. You’ll recognize a lot of the ideas my predecessor ran so well. We will continue to improve on our parade work, which was exemplary last year. Anyone who took part in any of the many parades we participated in last year will attest that the Motor Patrol has it’s act together. Kalur-ra-rah and the Tappa Keggas will continue to provide amusement and suds.

You will also notice that much will be different. I expect we’ll be meeting in a new venue soon. This is a good thing. While we all love the building in Endicott, we don’t love the massive financial drain it represents on our holdings. Massive to the extent that within a very short time, we would have financially gone belly up. Now, with a new site and a new budget in place we’ll be close to a financial break-even each year. This means more time and energy for FUN, KIDS and …… FUN.

Also different will be the change to the paperless world. Thanks to the hard work of our Communications Committee, I expect that our website, Kalurah.org, will soon be a one-stop-shop for all your Kalurah needs: Pote’s Notes, the Kamel and an up-to-date calendar. Less cost. More flexible and harder to lose in your seat cushions. It’s already a great site and you should visit it often.

Many thanks to the Nobility and Officers, past and present, who have helped move the ball down the field. Special thanks to my wife, Lady Sarah, and our kids – Katie, Claire and Michael – for tolerating what Sarah termed my “endless trial mode” recently (I don’t think that’s necessarily a compliment).

Your support and friendship are greatly appreciated. Now, Let’s Have Some Fun!


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